Yes. (Double David)
Digital dibond print behind plexi glass
ca. 75 x 154 cm

Yes. (Double David) uses skin as medium to reflect on the relationship between reality and image worlds. 
Two heads weightlessly float in front of a wall, suspended behind a layer of acrylic glass reminiscent of a phone screen. They combine the facial shape of Michelangelo’s David with the skin surface of the artist. The left side forms a realistic montage assembled from dozens of photos. The right side constitutes a version “optimized” by AI software. 
Their arrangement and title are reminiscent of the internet meme character Yes Chad who counters attempts at mocking personal traits with a self-assuring and resounding “yes.” In the case of Yes. (Double David) this resembles a self-affirmation between two manifestations of the same identity. Together, they fuse the historical ideal of beauty and technology, reality and fiction.